Songtress Deborah Owusu-Bonsu popularly known as Sister debby  has replied a tweet concerning pastors who preach at dawn to disturb people sleep.

The African mermaid, seems very angry as she describes how sharing the word of God turns out to disturb people’s sleep at night.

She made a replied tweet which was sighted by nsemwokrom. She made this tweet to reply to a poet who was also confused as to why pastors preach as early as 4am to disturb people sleep all in the name of preaching.

The poet identified as, Mutombo Da poet tweeted ” I don’t know why someone will carry a megaphone at 4am, put it on blast and say they are sharing the word of God when people are sleeping. It really does NOT make sense to me. At all”.

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Sister Derby replied, ” How can one be preaching ‘good’ while doing bad; disturbing people’s peace. They are stupid”.

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