Paige Spiranac has ‘nice’ reply to fans pushing for Tom Brady relationship

Paige Spiranac has ‘nice’ reply to fans pushing for Tom Brady relationship

Fans are urging the Buccaneers quarterback to date golf influencer Paige Spiranac now that he is single on social media.

Spiranac responded to a Twitter conversation over the weekend in which someone suggested a relationship with Brady and said the two “would be a power couple.”

An on-air announcer for CBS Sports radio Dave Smith tweeted on Saturday, “If I were Tom Brady, I’d contact @PaigeSpiranac.” “A former professional athlete who is 29 years old, quite attractive, just divorced, and who would support what he does for a living. Brady also enjoys playing golf. This would be a power couple, no doubt.

Spiranac was personally encountered by another commenter, who said, “I walked 18 in phx open pro am with her. She is a very kind individual.

Paige Spiranac

Smith concurred and related how a friend of his had a positive encounter with the 2022 Maxim Hot 100 cover star.

I know a man who played 18 holes with her at a celebrity event, and he couldn’t stop gushing about what a great person she was. No difference whether the cameras were on or off. She had no idea who he was and he wasn’t a celebrity, yet she treated him incredibly well.

Tom Brady

“Thank you for being so kind, you guys! I always strive to do my share to brighten someone’s day because being kind requires no work,” she wrote in response to the discussion.

Smith’s initial tweet predicting that she and Brady would be a power couple was ignored by Spiranac. Brady was on the golf enthusiast’s mind last week, though, when she made a reference to the quarterback in a video post responding to those who assert female athletes oversexualize their bodies.

Spiranac displayed pictures of shirtless male sports icons, including Brady, LeBron James of the Lakers, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who left Manchester United on Tuesday, in a social media video highlighting the double standard.