Obaa Si Paaa S3 Rake – Shatta Wale’s Babe Maali Chops More Trolling as She Drops New Video

Shatta Wale’s new girlfriend, Maali, continues to chop hot trolling from netizens with every new upload, particularly in relation to her very sharp teeth.

Following a new video, a fan trolled her for having teeth as sharp as a rake!

Maali and Shatta Wale have been trending over the past several weeks due to their relationship.

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Both celebrated their birthdays and made a huge deal out of it, not to speak of travelling around and having fun.

However, whenever they share a video, fans typically descend on Maali with some trolling.

Recently, the new SM queen dropped a solo video of herself.

In the video, she’s spotted in a car vibing to the legendary Komfo Kwaadee’s ‘Adowa Ataa’ hit single.

Reacting to the video, fans had a lot to say.

“Obaa si paaa s3 rake eiii the teeth of Medusa ampa,” one netizen said.

Another added: “The teeth is not teething,”

Finally, another netizen said: “The girl is pretty with the mouth closed 😂,”

Watch the video below…

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