Noel Gallagher ex-Wife: who is Meg Mathews?

Noel Thomas David Gallagher, born on 29 May 1967, is an English singer, songwriter, record producer, and musician.

Noel Gallagher

He was chief songwriter, lead guitarist, and co-lead vocalist of the rock band Oasis until their split in 2009.

After leaving Oasis, he formed Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. He is one of the most successful songwriters in British music history, as the writer of 8 UK number 1 singles, and co-writer of a further number 1; and the sole or primary writer of 10 UK number 1 studio albums.

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He is widely considered to be one of the most influential songwriters in the history of British rock music, cited by numerous major subsequent artists as an influence.

In June 1997, Gallagher married Meg Mathews in Las Vegas.

Noel Gallagher ex-Wife

He had met her in 1994 through her roommate, MTV presenter Rebecca de Ruvo, whom he was dating at the time and whom he left for Mathews

Who is Meg Mathews?

Meg Mathews is the ex-wife of Noel Gallagher. They got married in the year 1997 and divorced in 2001.

who is Meg Mathews?
who is Meg Mathews?

Meg Mathews is an icon of the nineties Brit-pop scene, a former music industry executive, and the ex-wife of Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher.

In 2017, she launched Megs Menopause, a platform dedicated to breaking the stigma around menopause.

Did Meg Mathews and Noel Gallagher have kids?

Meg Mathews and ex-husband, Noel Gallagher had one child called, Anaïs Gallagher, she was born on January 27, 2000, and she’s 22 years old.

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What is Meg Matthews doing now?

The menopause is Meg’s new subject you see – the former first lady of Britpop, once married to Noel Gallagher, now has a book, a website and products to launch, all branded as Meg’s Menopause. She’s on a mission to rid us of our hormonal embarrassment and sham

Does Meg Matthews live in Cornwall?

More recently Meg has upped sticks and moved to the beautiful shorelines of Cornwall. Even though it seems a contrast to her previous London life she says it wasn’t a shock for her.