Nigerians spoil SA girls with money & live expensive lifestyles which makes SA people jealous – Man reveals cause of Xenophobic attacks

When these fresh Xenophobic attacks started, a lot of people were blaming South Africans to be unnecessarily bitter and inhumane.

But what we didn’t ask is what triggered them to start treating foreigners bad especially Nigerians?

One social media user has explained the situation on floor which is making South Africans angry.

In a comment seen on Instagram, he noted that Nigerians overdo things.

Explaining why he said so, he remarked that Nigerians in South Africa provoke citizens to jealousy because they live very expensive lifestyles by buying flashy cars among other things.

As if that isn’t enough, they date South African girls and spoil them with money to the extent that these SA girls won’t date their own people again.

If these happens, SA people would surely be jealous and jealousy always brings hatred, hence, bringing about them sacking foreigners to leave the country.

Read his full comment below:

“No justification for all these violence but Nigerians like to overdo somethings, they will go to a foreign land and oppress the citizens with very ex-pensive cars and lifestyles, date their girls and spoil them with money to the extent they won’t want to date their own people again all these will make the true citizens jealous. Jealousy will always bring hatred.”

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