Nick Kyrgios ‘fondling girlfriend’s boobs’ in public at Australian Open

Nick Kyrgios has spent plenty of the extra time he’s had on his hands after withdrawing from the Australian Open with girlfriend Costeen Hatzi – and fans spotted the pair getting very close

Tennis fans have spotted Nick Kyrgios appearing to fondle his girlfriend’s boobs in public at the Australian Open.

Kyrgios and his partner Costeen Hatzi strolled side by side through what appeared to be a lobby, and the Australian tennis ace seemingly couldn’t keep his hands off the stunning brunette. As they sauntered in unison, Kyrgios pulled Hatzi, who donned a white jumper and black leggings, from behind and started to fondle her boobs.

He continued to cup Hatzi’s breasts for the remainder of the clip shared on Twitter, but she didn’t seem to mind as they casually strolled to their destination. But fans weren’t impressed by Kygrios’ lewd antics, although the pair were alone in the lobby at the time.

Kyrgios’ time at the Australian Open was brought to an end after suffering a knee injury on the eve of the tournament, leaving supporters to question why he was even still there to keep up with his controversial antics. One fan raged in block capitals: “WHY IS HE DOING THAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY WHY IS HE EVEN AT THE TOURNAMENT.”

And another fumed in the same tone: “Like the most annoying couple in a high school hallway, JFC. (ALSO GET OUTTA HERE. WHY IS HE STILL HERE?).” And a third fan urged Kyrgios to go and sort out his knee instead of frolicking with Hatzi as his presence wasn’t welcomed, saying: “fr like go get ur knee amputated or whatever nobody wants you here.”

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Nick Kyrgios

However, there was some support for Kyrgios, who was seen wearing a black hoodie, yellow and purple shorts, white socks, and white and red Nike dunks, with his hat facing backwards.