Naomi Judd Cause of death, Net worth, Husband, Children, Age

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Naomi Judd (born Diana Ellen Judd; January 11, 1946, was an American country music singer and actress. In 2021, she was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame as a member of The Judds alongside her daughter Wynonna.

Naomi Judd

Judd was born to Pauline Ruth ‘Polly’ (née Oliver; 1927–2019) and Charles Glen Judd (1924-1984) on January 11, 1946, in Ashland, Kentucky.

Her father owned a gas station. In 1965, her brother Brian (1948–1965) died of leukemia at the age of 17.

Naomi Judd’s first child, Christina Ciminella (later Wynonna Judd), was born when Judd was 18.

The Judds and mother of Wynonna and Ashley Judd died at the age of 76.

The daughters announced her death on Saturday in a statement provided to The Associated Press.

Who was Naomi Judd’s husband?

Naomi Judd was married to Larry Strickland. They got married in the year 1989. The couple have been together for more than 30 years.

Naomi Judd Cause of death

Naomi Judd previously married, Michael C. Ciminella in the year 1964 and divorced in 1972.

Did Naomi Judd had kids?

Naomi Judd had two kids, Wynonna Judd and Ashley Judd.

Naomi Judd Cause of death

What was Naomi Judd’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Naomi Judd had an estimated net worth of $25 Million. She was a songwriter, actress, producer and Author.

How old was Naomi Judd?

Born on January 11, 1946, Ashland, Kentucky, United States. She was 76 at her time of death.

What was Naomi Judd cause of death?

According to press released by her daughter to The Associated Press. Naomi Judd died from disease of Mental illness

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