Nancy Heche Children

Nancy Heche Children

Nancy Prickett Heche is an American activist. She is the mother of five children, including actress Anne Heche.

In her memoir, The Truth Comes Out, she describes her experiences after her daughter announced she was involved in a lesbian relationship with Ellen DeGeneres.

In 1997, Heche’s daughter, Anne, publicly announced her relationship with comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

Nancy Heche Children


Meet Abigail Heche, Susan Bergman, Nate Heche, Cynthia Heche, Anne Heche

Nancy Heche was married to Donald Joe Heche. The couple has five (5) children namely Anne Heche, Abigail Heche, Cynthia Heche, Susan Bergman, and Nate Heche.

Who is Abigail Heche?

Abigail Heche is the first child of Nancy and Donald Joe. Abigail Heche is a Jewelry designer.

Nancy Heche Children

Who is Susan Bergman?

Susan Bergman was an American writer and professor of literature.

Bergman, who died of brain cancer, at 48, in 2006, wrote an account of learning her father had lived a double life, as a gay man, when he died of AIDS in 1983.

Bergman was the older sister of actress Anne Heche.

Nancy Heche Children

Who is Nate Heche?

Nate Hache is the only son of Nancy Heche and Donald Joe Heche. Nate’s mother Nancy Prickett attended a Methodist church and was raised in Indiana.

Who is Cynthia Heche?

Cynthia Heche is the third child of Nancy and her husband Donald Joe. Cynthia’s mother, met her future husband, Donald Joe Heche, in high school.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the Heche family belonged to a fundamentalist church and resided in an Amish settlement.

Who is Anne Heche?

Anne Celeste Heche is an American actress and director.

She came to recognition portraying Vicky Hudson and Marley Love in the soap opera Another World, which won her a Daytime Emmy Award and two Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Nancy Heche Children

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