Missing woman, 28, died when car plunged into freezing lake 200 miles from home after she was ‘raped by colleague’

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A MISSING woman died when her car plunged into a freezing lake 200 miles from home a year after she was allegedly raped, an inquest heard.

The 28-year-old Hannah Warren was able to escape the submerged Mini convertible and swim to some nearby rocks.

Missing woman

She tragically died after falling back into the chilly water near a Tata Steel facility in Port Talbot, according to an inquest.

On February 4, 2016, Hannah’s body was found more than 100 meters from the spot where her automobile collided with the lake.

Hannah Barnes’ devastated mother Jane Barnes described Hannah’s passing before an inquest today, nearly precisely a year after she was reportedly raped by a coworker.

She was receiving counseling and had opened up to her younger brother about the incident.

Hannah was reported missing from her home in Streatham, South West London, on February 3, it was revealed during the court.

Around six in the morning, she left her car and texted her supervisor to inform him that she was quitting her position as an office designer at a company in London.

Hannah then traveled 200 miles to Port Talbot, where she used a quayside road without any safety measures to drive into the water.

Dr. Ryk James, a pathologist in the home office, stated during the hearing that he thought she drowned to death.

Hannah’s face and body were covered in “a number of” bruises and grazes including some on her neck that indicated a ligature could have been placed around it.

However Dr James said this may have been caused by the car’s seatbelt.

There were “low” levels of cocaine and cannabis in Hannah’s system but the medic was unable to say whether this was capable of “impairing her behaviour”.

The inquest was also told she was in a “distorted” state of mind at the time of her death.

Her mum broke down today as she told how Hannah had been in a relationship for two years with a colleague, David Murray, who was “titled”.

The couple were planning to move in together in December 2015 but he told Hannah she was “not good enough for him” the day before, it was said.

This, according to Ms. Barnes, caused her daughter to feel “down,” and she gave up her intentions to move in with Mr. Murray.

In addition, Hannah postponed a holiday visit to his family in South Africa.

Hannah loved him, therefore it was really sad, the mother stated.

Hannah had put in a lot of effort to get a crucial position at a London-based company that renovated offices, Ms. Barnes added.

She claimed Hannah received a phone call from her boss criticizing her efforts in the months preceding her death.

The investigation goes on.