Mike Lang Children

Michael Anthony Lang, from December 10, 1941, to August 5, 2022, was an American pianist and composer, including more than 2500 film scores.

Lang was one of two sons born to publicists Jennings Lang and Flora Pam Friedheim.

He was also raised in part by his stepmother, singer Monica Lewis, beginning in 1956, four years after the premature death of his birth mother.

Mike Lang Children

Lang obtained a bachelor of music at the University of Michigan in 1963, and studied under Leonard Stein, George Tremblay, Pearl Kaufman, and Lalo Schifrin.

Lang has spent several decades as one of the premier musical talents in Los Angeles. He was well versed in various music forms, including jazz, classical, pop, and R&B.

He was both a freelance jazz musician and sought-after studio artist, with a career spanning records, motion pictures, and television.

Mike Lang Children: Who is Dave Lang?

Michael Anthony Lang was an American Pianist and composer, and he has a son called Dave Lang.

David Lang is the CPO of Iron Galaxy Studios, a Chicago-based developer that spun off of Midway.

He earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Illinois. On May 26th, 2012 he gave a talk about Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition at the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8.

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