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Michael Oher

Who is Michael Oher?

Michael Oher is a former American football offensive tackle who played in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons, primarily with the Baltimore Ravens.

He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 28, 1986, to a mother who was addicted to crack cocaine. Oher bounced around from foster home to foster home, and he never knew his father.

Michael Oher
Michael Oher

In 2004, Oher was a high school senior at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis. He was a talented football player, but he was also very big and unruly. One day, Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean Tuohy, a wealthy white couple, saw Oher walking along the side of the road. They invited him to come home with them for dinner, and they eventually decided to adopt him.

The Tuohys provided Oher with a stable home and a loving family. They also helped him to focus on his education and his football career. Oher went on to play college football at the University of Mississippi, where he was a two-time All-American. He was also named the SEC Offensive Player of the Year in 2008.

In the 2009 NFL Draft, Oher was selected by the Baltimore Ravens with the 23rd overall pick. He played for the Ravens for seven seasons, and he helped them win Super Bowl XLVII in 2013. In 2014, Oher signed with the Tennessee Titans, and he played for them for one season. He then signed with the Carolina Panthers in 2015, and he played for them for two seasons.

What is Michael Oher’s net worth?

Michael Oher’s net worth is estimated to be around $16 million

Who is Michael Oher’s wife?

Michael Oher is married to Tiffany Roy.

Michael Oher wife
Michael Oher wife

The couple met in 2005 at the University of Mississippi and married each other nearly 20 years later in Nov. 2022

Does Michael Oher have kids?

Michael Oher and his wife Tiffany Roy share two sons, Kobi and MJ, and daughters Kierstin and Naivi

Michael Oher Children
Michael Oher Children

How old is Michael Oher?

Michael Oher was born on May 28, 1986, which makes him 37 years old as of August 2023

What is Michael Oher’s Height?

Michael Oher stands tall at 193 cm average height and weighs 102 KG

Who are Michael Oher’s parents?

Michael Oher was born to Denise Oher, who was an alcoholic and crack cocaine addict, and a father, Michael Jerome Williams, who was frequently in prison. Due to his upbringing, he received little attention or discipline during his childhood.

Michael Oher parents
Michael Oher parents

He repeated both first and second grades and attended eleven different schools during his first nine years as a student. He was placed in foster care at age seven, and alternated between living in various foster homes and periods of homelessness. Oher’s biological father was a former cellmate of Denise Oher’s brother and was murdered in prison when Oher was a senior in high school

Who are Michael Oher’s siblings?

Michael Oher has 8 biological siblings: Carlos Oher, Marcus Oher, John Oher, Andre Oher, Deljuan Oher, Tara Oher, Rico Oher, and Denise Oher.

However, he was adopted in 2004 by Mr Sean Tuohy and Mrs Leigh Anne who noticed the boy’s struggle and decided to take him in

What is Michael Oher’s Instagram?

Michael Oher’s Instagram handle is @michaeloher

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