Michael Louis: Tulsa hospital shooting suspect who shot and killed 4 people identified

Written by: King

Michael Louis: Tulsa hospital shooting suspect identified

Tulsa Hospital shooting suspect has been identified as Michael Louis.

The suspect, Michael Louis left behind a shocking note after gunning down four, blaming his surgeon for his alleged botched back surgery.

Michael Louis

Suspect Michael Louis stormed into the Natalie Building at St Francis Hospital in Oklahoma on Wednesday with “the intent to kill” his surgeon Dr Preston Phillips, police said.

Louis was admitted to the hospital on May 19 for back surgery, which was done by Dr. Phillips.

Michael Louis

Louis, on the other hand, was contacted many times over the course of several weeks, complaining of back discomfort and requesting more therapy, according to Tulsa PD Chief Wendell Franklin.

On May 4, Dr. Phillips examined the suspect for more therapy, but the discomfort allegedly persisted.

Louis called the doctor again on June 1 to complain about back discomfort and request further assistance.

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