World Cup 2022

Messi feeling fit ahead of ‘special’ last World Cup

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Messi feeling fit ahead of ‘special’ last World Cup

Messi, who conducted some light training away from his teammates on Saturday, said at a news conference on Monday, “I feel very good physically, I think I’m in a terrific position, both psychologically and physically, and I don’t have any concerns.”

“They allegedly claimed that my training was different. I knocked myself, so that’s why, but there’s nothing weird (happening). Just a precaution, really.”

Messi: “My physical health is excellent. I arrived here in excellent physical and mental health. ???? — Argentina All About??? (@AlbicelesteTalk) 21 November 2022.


The 35-year-old, who will play in his sixth World Cup in Qatar, noted that he did not prepare any differently for the competition, which is being played in November and December for the first time.

The forward admitted, “I didn’t accomplish anything extraordinary.

“I looked after myself and worked like I always have, knowing that this is a particular moment since this is possibly my final World Cup, my last opportunity to realize this tremendous dream that I have, that we all have,” the athlete said.

One more opportunity for Messi? Twitter – ESPN FC (@ESPNFC), November 21, 2022, image: KNAFFGzFgj

Numerous supporters around the world would like to see the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner provide a much-anticipated World Cup for his nation this time around despite having a trophy-laden club and personal career.

It’s wonderful that so many people outside of Argentina want us to win the World Cup, and a lot of that is thanks to me, stated Messi.

“I’m appreciative of the love I’ve experienced throughout my career, and being loved in Qatar is another another illustration of that.

“I’m not sure if we arrive more successfully than in previous World Cups. But we just won (the 2021 Copa America), which really helps us decompress.

It forces us to work in a new approach while having fun and letting go of concerns over the national team’s performance.

Tuesday’s World Cup opener for Argentina is against Saudi Arabia in Group C. They then play Mexico and Poland.