Max Glauben wife: Who is Frieda Glauben?

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Max Glauben wife: Who is Max Glauben?

Max Glauben, a Holocaust survivor who was one of the founding members of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum.

Max Glauben wife

Glauben is one of the Holocaust survivors whose memories were preserved by the USC Shoah Foundation in such a way that future generations will be able to ask him questions about his image.

Max Glauben died on Thursday, April 28, 2022.

This is his cause of death

Before Max Gluaben’s death, he was married to Frieda Glauben.

Who is Frieda Glauben?

Max Glauben was married to Frieda Glauben.

Max met his wife while he was in station at Fort Hood.

They have been married for over 60 years. Going through pictures of the two, you can see love.

Max Glauben wife

Does Max Glauben have kids with his wife, Frieda Glauben?

Max Glauben had kids with his wife, yet, there are no details about them.

Max Glauben wife

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