Mary Ellin Barrett, born on November 25, 1926, was an American writer and the oldest daughter of Ellin and composer Irving Berlin.

She grew up in New York City, where she attended the Brearley School. She then went to Barnard College, majoring in music.

After graduation, she began to work for Time Magazine, where she met her future husband, Marvin Barrett.

Mary Ellin was the book critic for Cosmopolitan Magazine, where she worked very closely with Helen Gurley Brown.

Barrett was the author of three novels: Castle Ugly was published in 1966, followed by An Accident of Love in 1973, and American Beauty in 1981.

Her most recent publication is a memoir entitled Irving Berlin: a Daughter’s Memoir, which was released in May 1995.

Mary Ellen Barrett ex-husband: Who was Dennis Sheedy Burden?

Dennis Sheedy Burden was the first husband of Mary Ellen Barrett. The couple got married in 1948 and divorced a year later in 1949.

Mary Ellen Barrett ex-husband

Photo of the first wedding of Mary Ellin Berlin, eldest daughter of composer Irving Berlin.

She was divorced the following year. From The Philadelphia Inquirer; Sunday morning, July 4th, 1948.

Much is not known about the life of Dennis Sheedy Burden, however, he was born on August 24, 1919, in Roslyn, Nassau, New York in the United States.

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