Mark Speakman Children: Does Mark Speakman have kids?

Written by: Amos Osrah

Mark Speakman is an Australian politician who is currently serving as the Attorney-General of New South Wales. He was born on 6 December 1959 in Sydney, Australia.

Speakman completed his education at the University of Sydney, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws degree.

He later went on to receive a Master of Laws from the University of London.

Speakman was first elected to the New South Wales Parliament in 1999 as the Member for Cronulla, representing the Liberal Party. He has since been re-elected to the seat in 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015, and 2019.

Prior to his appointment as Attorney-General in 2017, Speakman served as the Minister for the Environment, Minister for Heritage, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, and Minister for the Central Coast in the New South Wales Government.

He has also served as the Deputy Leader of the New South Wales Parliamentary Liberal Party.

As Attorney-General, Speakman is responsible for the administration of justice in New South Wales.

He oversees the state’s legal system and is responsible for the prosecution of criminal cases, the drafting of legislation, and the provision of legal advice to the government.

In addition to his political career, Speakman has worked as a lawyer, serving as a partner in a Sydney law firm before entering politics.

Mark Speakman Children

Mark Speakman Children: Does Mark Speakman have kids?

Mark Speakman has children. However, due to privacy reasons, the details about his family, including the number and ages of his children, are not readily available in the public domain.

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