Mark Miller (Actor) Children

Mark Miller is an American stage and television actor and writer who starred in over 30 plays and made more than forty appearances in television programs and films since 1953

Miller was born in Houston, Texas.

Mark Miller (Actor) Children

He graduated from New York’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1952.

After graduation, he was immediately cast in the revival of Philadelphia Story in Newport, Rhode Island at the Casino Playhouse and began a long-lasting career acting on stage and on television.

Mark Miller (Actor) Children: Penelope Ann Miller, Marisa Miller, Savannah Miller

In December 1959 Miller married costume designer and publicist Beatrice Hudson Ammidown.

Mark Miller and kids
Mark Miller and Patricia Crowley with their TV kids on NBC’s Please Don’t Eat the Daisies

The couple had three daughters together: Marisa Miller, Penelope Ann, and Savannah Miller.

The two older girls both became actors.

The curly blonde hair of youngest daughter Savannah gave Miller the initial idea for the movie Savannah Smiles, and she ended up having a small role in it, as well.