Mark Brown: Psychopath killer who slaughtered two missing women and torched one in an oil drum is jailed for life

Mark Brown: Psychopath killer who slaughtered two missing women and torched one in an oil drum is jailed for life

A Psychopath killer who murdered two missing women and set one on fire in an oil drum has been sentenced to life in prison.

Mark Brown, 41, murdered Leah Ware, 33, and Alexandra Morgan, 34, six months apart at Hastings’ Little Bridge Farm.

Mark Brown: Psychopath killer who slaughtered two missing women and torched one in an oil drum is jailed for life
Mark Brown

He then set single mum Alexandra’s body alight in an oil drum near a skip where police later discovered burned bone fragments and teeth.

Leah’s body has never been found but it is believed Brown also torched her in a grisly plot to cover his tracks.

He texted a friend after killing the mother, saying: “As a psychopath with a conscience, the things I’ve done weigh heavily on my heart, mind, and soul. It’s all a joke.”

At Hove Crown Court, he was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 49 years.

The families of the two victims exclaimed “Yes!” before erupting in spontaneous applause at the verdict.

It was just last month that the monster was convicted of two counts of murder at Hove Crown Court.

Chilling footage released by Sussex Police showed the moment cops burst through his door to arrest him.

Jurors heard how both women worked as sex workers and met Brown through the website.

Leah was held in a shipping container as a virtual prisoner at his farm before she vanished on May 7, 2021.

Her disappearance was discovered after police searching for missing Alexandra discovered a drug prescription for Leah in his work van.

Mark Brown: Psychopath killer who slaughtered two missing women and torched one in an oil drum is jailed for life
The sick monster also killed Leah Ware

Miss Ware’s mother, Rebecca Martin, said in an emotional statement that no child should have their mother taken from them in such a brutal way.

“Leah was a mother of three children,” she explained. No child should have to go through the ordeal of learning about their mother’s atrocities. She treated everyone she met with kindness, intelligence, and love.

“She will leave a huge hole in her children’s lives. I have sudden surges of mental and physical pain when I realise I wont see her again. The pain is so hard to bear.”

Mrs Martin said it was a “sadistic torture” that Brown had refused to tell them what he did with her body and the family has been left without the closure of a funeral or a place they can visit her.

Her sister Zara Ware said: “Losing my sister has been the most destroying and devastating experience I can imagine. A perverted psychopath has preyed on my sister and taken advantage of her loneliness.

“She will never have the chance to see her children again. How to do you explain to children aged between six and 12 that they will never get to see their mother again?

“One of the last messages I received from Leah was: “I will always be your big sister and be there for you and protect you.’’

The court heard Miss Morgan’s parents, Jackie and Michael, had been left “devastated” by their daughter’s murder.

In letters to Judge Hilliard they spoke of the intelligence of their daughter and said her chief concern in life was to provide for her two young sons.

Reading their statement, Duncan Atkinson KC, prosecuting, said: “She was a bright, energetic young woman with a determination to succeed and a strong work ethic.”

Brown had picked up prescriptions for Leah from a Sainsbury’s pharmacy while attempting to conceal the heinous crime.

He was also caught on camera withdrawing up to £200 from her bank account while she was at the supermarket.

Brown’s web of lies, however, unraveled thanks to a trail of clues Alexandra left for her sons and cops, which led cops to her murderer.

Mark Brown: Psychopath killer who slaughtered two missing women and torched one in an oil drum is jailed for life
Alexandra Morgan was slaughtered by Mark Brown

Alexandra was supposed to meet Brown after he offered her a high-paying job as security at a hotel in Brighton where he worked.

Recognizing that the job might not be “above board,” she left a note for her son with the words “let’s go rollerblading” and a box of skates found in his bedroom.

Also in the box was a large sum of cash, a mobile and a handwritten note detailing her plan to meet Brown.

The mum additionally left a location, the pin to her mobile and a note saying: “Check postcode TN34 5NY Rock Lane, opposite Bartletts”.


Detective Chief Inspector Neil Kimber, of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, said: “Brown is a dangerous individual who poses a significant threat to women.

“He preyed on the vulnerabilities of Leah and Alex and worked to build their trust, only to then exploit it for his own personal gain.

“It was important for his sentence to truly reflect the abhorrent nature of his crimes and ensure he’s not in a position to harm any other women for the rest of his life.”

Brown was arrested on suspicion of Alexandra’s murder on November 25.

Five days later, officers discovered burnt-out oil drum with teeth inside at a building site in Sevenoaks, Kent, where Brown had been working.

Hair straighteners and jewellery belonging to Alexandra were discovered in the skip where he had dumped the oil drum.

Asked if he had killed two women, Brown said he could not comment but “it depends on what they find at my yard”.

“We hope that Mark Brown’s conviction and sentence will bring some sense of justice to the families of both Alex and Leah, and allow them to come to terms with the tragic loss of their loved ones,” said Detective Superintendent Andy Wolstenholme of the Surrey and Sussex Major Crime Team.

“Even though the court case is over, we remain committed to following up on any viable lines of inquiry that may lead us to Leah’s body and provide her family with some of the answers they so desperately want and deserve.”