TV news reader NICHOLAS WITCHELL and MISS CAROLYN STEPHENSON, at a ball in London on 29th January 1998. MEY 35

Nicholas Newton Henshall Witchell OStJ FRGS is an English journalist and news presenter. The latter half of his career has been as royal correspondent for BBC News.

Nicholas Witchell

Witchell has worked for the BBC since 1976. He and Sue Lawley were the first readers of the BBC Six O’Clock News when the programme was launched on 3 September 1984 (replacing the early-evening news magazine Sixty Minutes).

Maria Staples: Who is Nicholas Witchell’s Wife?

Maria Staples is popularly known as the hidden wife of Nicolas Witchell, an English journalist.

Who is Nicholas Witchell's Wife?

In the year 2014, the couple married.

How old is Maria Staples?

Maria Staples is around 60 years of age.

What is Maria Staples’s Nationality?

She holds American nationality and belongs to mixed race.

Who is Maria Staples’s Husband?

Maria Staples is the hidden wife of Nicolas Witchell. The couple have been married since 1985.

Does Maria Staples have Kids?

The couple has three children together.