Man follows wife to market to apologize after she broke up with him

A man who couldn’t bear breaking up with his wife followed her to the market to apologize for his actions after his wife allegedly called off their marriage.

According to what we gathered, the man who is yet to be identified allegedly did something bad to his wife who told him to his face that she was breaking up with him.

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She later stormed out of the house to visit the market but her broken-hearted husband who couldn’t let her just leave his life followed her to the market.

At the market, the husband was causing a scene by kneeling to beg her for forgiveness this drew the attention of the people in the market who decided to join in and help solve the issue.

They pleaded with the woman to forgive the man and go back to her matrimonial home but she declined.

After several attempts, the people around managed to convince her with one good samaritan giving them Ghc50 to buy something for themselves.

Watch the video below:

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