Madison Blue: Details of how Tesco Job worker quits for OnlyFans, now Make Millions

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A Tesco worker who left her zero-hour contract job to work for OnlyFans and then bought a house less than a year later has provided a startling look into the sex business.

Madison Blue

Madison Blue, 24, no longer stacks shelves but now performs naked body shows for paying customers.

The rewards have been tremendous; recently, the Manchester girl made £2,500 in a single day.

But despite making life-changing money, she has had to make sacrifices.

Madison, who doesn’t use her real name on her profiles, said she struggles to tell people how she makes money.

Opening up to the Daily Star, she explained: “I am scared to tell people because there is a bad stigma about it and telling other women is very scary. Some people can be very judgemental.

“It is hard to be open. My parents know everything I do and my mum is very supportive and she knows I’m scared to say what I do.

“My mum will say ‘yeah she does this and I am really proud of her’ and it does give me a push to say what I do.

“I hope one day I can too because I’m not embarrassed about what I do, I love my job and there is just a bad stigma about it.”

Despite thriving in the industry after only joining last year, she conceded that the saucy platform does take over her life.

Even on visits to family she will “constantly” be on her phone to keep her page active.

Madison Blue