London firefighters who abused colleagues face the sack as report reveals toxic culture

London firefighters

London firefighters who abused colleagues face the sack as report reveals toxic culture

Andy Roe’s remarks follow a damning independent report that exposed the “toxic culture” in the LFB, with accounts ranging from people having their helmets urinated on to women being touched during training drills.

The leader of the London Fire Brigade (LFB) has vowed to take a zero tolerance stance and to fire any firefighters who harassed their coworkers or were racist, misogynistic, or homophobic.

After a damning independent report exposed the “toxic culture” in the LFB, Commissioner Andy Roe made these remarks. The report included accounts of people having their helmets filled with urine to women being touched during training exercises.

Based on the experiences of 2,000 staff members, the report, which includes 23 recommendations, concluded that the LFB was “institutionally misogynistic and racist.”

The findings left Mr. Roe “horrified,” “heartbroken,” and “extremely disappointed,” he told Sky News, calling the behavior “inexcusable.”

London firefighters

“The reform has to begin now,” he continued. We will be the first service in the nation to implement body-worn cameras for the protection of our workers and the public.

“We’ll be performing a historic five-year case review, and if we discover people haven’t behaved in a way that is obviously expected in a zero tolerance culture for these things, we’ll terminate them.”

Mr. Roe expressed regret to the “2,000 persons who raised their voice” in London.

The assessment found “dangerous levels of engrained discrimination towards women” in the capital’s fire service.


They had to endure sexist taunts on a regular basis; many of them were frequently called “lady” or “front bottom” by coworkers.

The study discovered that other women had even been assaulted and punched.

There were many reports of women receiving unwelcome sexual attention, and some males had expressly said they did not want women under their watch.

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The study also detailed additional events, such as the discriminatory harassment of a black firefighter that resulted in the placement of a pretend noose over his locker.

The review also mentioned a Muslim firefighter who was victimized by bullying because of his religion and had bacon put in his sandwich by his coworkers.

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According to a female fireman who spoke to the study, the standard for bullying is so high that “you would have to gouge someone’s eyes out to get terminated,” she continued.

At a conference at LFB headquarters, however, London Fire Commissioner Mr. Roe stated: “We are going to take a zero tolerance policy to bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

“That means that, if we think about the next few steps, I expect to fire people as a result of this report,” the speaker said.

Nazir Afzal, a former chief crown prosecutor for the North West, oversaw the study.

“My review revealed data that supports a determination that LFB is institutionally racist and misogynistic,” the author stated.

The investigation was started in reaction to the suicide death of firefighter Jaden Francois-Esprit in August 2020.

According to the story, his family was worried that he had endured bullying because of his race.