Lisa Wilkinson Children: Billi FitzSimons, Louis FitzSimons, Jake FitzSimons

Lisa Wilkinson AM is an Australian television presenter and journalist. Wilkinson is currently host of Network 10 news-current affairs and talk show The Project.

Wilkinson has previously co-hosted the Nine Network’s breakfast television program, Today, with Karl Stefanovic from 2007 until 2017 and Weekend Sunrise on the Seven Network from 2005 until 2007.

Lisa Wilkinson Children

Wilkinson married author, journalist and former rugby international Peter FitzSimons on 26 September 1992; they have two sons and one daughter.

She published her autobiography in 2021: It Wasn’t Meant to Be Like This, HarperCollins, ISBN 9781460704455, 496 pages.

Who is Billi FitzSimons?

Billi FitzSimons is an Editor at the Daily Aus, she previously worked as a political journalist at the Daily Aus and she was promoted to the editor a few months ago.

The 24-year-old is the daughter of The Project host Lisa Wilkinson and Sydney Morning Herald columnist Peter FitzSimons.

Billi FitzSimons

FitzSimons joined the publication in September 2021 as a political journalist.

Lisa Wilkinson Daughter: Who is Billi FitzSimons?

She previously worked under Mia Freedman at Mamamia for four years. She began at the publication as an editorial intern in 2017 before becoming employed as an editorial assistant.

Who is Louis FitzSimons?

Louis FitzSimons is famous parents of ex-footballer, journalist and author Peter FitzSimons and journalist and broadcaster Lisa Wilkinson.

louis fitzsimons

Who is Jake FitzSimons?

Jake FitzSimons is a writer from Sydney and a Magic fiend. He’s either the johnniest spike or the spikiest johnny, nobody is sure which.

When he isn’t brewing or playing cEDH, he can be found writing, playing piano, and doting on his little cat.

Jake FitzSimons