Lila-Grace Smith: Girl, 17, died at friend’s sleepover after taking ecstasy pill for first time

Lila-Grace Smith

An inquest heard that a teenage A-level student died after ingesting an ecstasy pill for the first time at a sleepover with friends.

Lila-Grace Smith used the class A drug while staying at a friend’s house last summer, and despite being brought to the hospital when her friends called 911, she died.

The amount of ecstasy in her system was ‘far within’ the range of levels connected with deaths from the drug, according to Bradford Coroner’s Court.

Emma Hargreaves, her grieving mother, told the inquest that she had cautioned her children about drugs because she knew someone who had overdosed on ecstasy.

Emma stated in a statement delivered in court that Lila had told her about her friends doing drugs, but she had never used any herself.

Lila was in sixth form at North Halifax Grammar School, studying Psychology, Biology, and French, she told the court.

She stated that she worked as a waitress part-time and had previously taken piano lessons.

“Lila had met her partner in primary school and they had been boyfriend and girlfriend for some time,” she added.


“Lila would occasionally stay at the homes of her friends. We knew she’d have a drink when she went to parties, but we weren’t concerned about her drinking.

“We’d just recently begun talking about drugs. I knew someone who overdosed on ecstasy when I was younger.”

According to Hull Live, Lila was sleeping over at a friend’s house in Keighley, West Yorkshire, on June 3, 2021.

They had discussed going out to bars but decided against it.

According to the court, the friends drank wine, nitrous oxide – a legal high known as ‘hippy crack’ – and later ecstasy.

The companions had investigated the effects of ecstasy earlier in the evening, according to Detective Sergeant Collum Hanogue.

However, he stated that authorities were unable to determine who supplied and acquired the narcotic, and that no criminal actions were underway.

He told the inquest the two girls Lila was with rang one of their boyfriends just after 11pm after she’d taken ill.

The unnamed lad and three pals got in a taxi and arrived at the house at 11.20pm.

Two of them put Lila in the recovery position and two took the girls to another room to save her embarrassment when she came round.

But when her condition worsened at 11.42pm, they rang 999 and administered CPR until the ambulance arrived.

Paramedics rushed Lila to hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 12.45am on Saturday, June 4, the inquest heard.

DS Hanogue said: “It would very much appear that all parties were aware and were willing participants.”

Recording a narrative conclusion, Assistant Coroner for West Yorkshire Mary Burke said: “This is a tragic case of the death of a young girl who had her whole life ahead of her.

“Hopefully young people out there who might hear of this report may pause and think for a minute before they take such risks.