Lewandowski says wayward missile strike affected Poles

Lewandowski says wayward missile strike affected Poles

In response to the missile strike that killed two people in his native Poland earlier this week, Robert Lewandowski claimed on Friday that the World Cup team from his country had been in shock.

Two persons were killed after a rocket landed in the Polish village of Przewodów close to the Ukrainian border on Tuesday. This sparked worries that the conflict between Ukraine and the Russian troops entering the country might worsen.

According to both Warsaw and NATO, the explosion was most likely brought on by a Ukrainian air defense missile that was fired in an attempt to block a major Russian bombardment that was aimed at civilian facilities.


Prior to the Qatari spectacular, Lewandowski and his teammates were in Warsaw getting ready for a friendly match against Chile the following day.

The Barcelona attacker added from Poland’s training camp in Doha: “It was not an easy moment, everyone was waiting for explanations, for some information.

“Unluckily, it affected those who passed away. Undoubtedly, this is a really challenging scenario.”

After hints that the missile assault was not a direct attack by Russia, according to Lewandowski, worries subsided.

The most feared striker in the world, 34, said, “We were a little bit calmer as it got clearer what happened, but at the same time we had to focused on what we are doing.”

“I hope it’s an isolated incident and won’t happen again.”


On Tuesday at the 974 stadia, Poland takes on Mexico in the tournament’s opening match.

They must also contend with Saudi Arabia and the top seed in Group C, Argentina, who has won 36 straight games.

Lewandowski, who has 76 goals in 134 games for the national team, is expected to be targeted by Poland in Doha, but the striker believes this might be to the squad’s advantage.

“I’m prepared for opponents to pay closer attention to me. Defenders will stick to me during the game, “Lewandowski, who has scored 18 goals for Barcelona in 19 games so far this season, remarked.

“The fact that I move to the side and bring two guys with me will be exploited by other players. More open area will be available for them to enter.”

“Using those free areas on the pitch generated by opponents being too focused on me,” he continued, “may also be our strength.”