Leslie Jones talks MLK Jr. ‘penis’ statue on ‘Daily Show’ debut: ‘I can’t unsee it’

The Daily Show
Tuesday night, Leslie Jones began her stint as a guest presenter on “The Daily Show,” and she chose to discuss an unintentionally NSFW MLK Jr. statue.

A photograph of Martin Luther King Jr. hugging his wife Coretta Scott King after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 served as the inspiration for the sculpture in Boston. Picture shows the couple hugging without their heads showing, but it has drawn criticism because many have noted that it truly resembles a “penis.”

Jones, 55, immediately addressed the news.

Has anyone in this room ever been eaten out? she inquired after playing a film of the statue.

“I mean it. I mean it. Anyone in this room ever engage in the “munchie, munch, munch, munch”? Jones went on. Because they are currently celebrating you.

The “Saturday Night Live” star joked, “Listen, I realize Dr. King went down in history, but this is not how you should.”

Leslie Jones

Jones then shifted her position and directed her finger at the camera.

“White people, stop making such ridiculous comments about this statue. Do you comprehend? Kids of color only. For this one, you must take a seat in the back of the bus, okay? You must respect this statue, she admonished.

We have a civil rights icon in this person, the comic said. descending on his wife. You behave with some dang respect.


MLK Racial Justice

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was first detested by the public? she asked. How about the Redeemer, Christ? I bet everyone thought, “Jesus is going: What’s up,” when they initially put it up. Why did you kill me? But now everyone appreciates it. Therefore, perhaps it’s only a question of time.

“In time, we will recognize this statue for what it truly depicts: Martin Luther King tumbling into his wife,” said Jones. “I cannot unsee it!”

Twitter users praised Jones’ observations, and several believed that she should be made “The Daily Show” host permanently as a result.