Leonard Ignelzi Cause of death, Bio, Wife, Children, Age

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Leonard Ignelzi Cause of death, Bio

Leonard Ignelzi, known as Lenny, was a highly versatile photojournalist whose biggest passions were sports and breaking news. Few people, if any, have attended more Padres baseball or Chargers football games, yet he found fresh angles with each assignment until retiring in 2016.

Leonard Ignelzi cause of death

Ignelzi hid in bushes during a gunman’s assault on a McDonald’s restaurant in San Diego that killed 21 people in 1984. His images of the U.S.-Mexico border showed San Diego’s transformation from a dominant corridor for illegal crossings to a fortress of razor-topped walls and stadium lights.

Who was Leonard Ignelzi’s wife?

Leonard Ignelzi was married to Bobbi Ignelzi. They met when they worked together at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Did Leonard Ignelzi have kids?

There is no record of Leonard Ignelzi having a kid with his wife, Bobbi. Mr. Leonard was a private man.

How old was Leonard Ignelzi?

Leonard Ignelzi was 74 at the time of death.

What was Leonard Ignelzi Cause of death?

Ignelzi died Friday in Las Vegas of cerebral amyloid angiopathy, a condition associated with frequent strokes and other neurological issues, according to his wife, Bobbi.

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