Lee Francis: Details of how Hunter accidentally shoots himself while fighting grizzly bear

A hunter in Wyoming mistakenly shot himself in the leg while attempting to fight off a grizzly bear, officials said, the second such attack in a week.

According to the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office, Lee Francis, 65, of Evanston, was hunting with his son south of Grand Teton National Park on Friday when the animal attacked him.

Francis was able to scare the bear away with several rounds from his handgun, but one of the bullets injured the man in the lower thigh.

Lee Francis

Francis’ son used a satellite phone to contact for aid shortly before 6 p.m., then assisted his injured father onto a horse and led them both to a nearby lake to meet rescuers.

Francis was flown by helicopter to the University of Utah Health hospital for treatment. There was no immediate news on his condition.

Wildlife officials have not found the grizzly bear that assaulted the hunter, according to Sgt. Travis Bingham on Sunday. Because it was snowing, Game and Fish intended to look for the beast again Monday, weather permitting, he added.

Photos on Francis’ Facebook page suggest that he is an avid hunter who has previously bagged bears, deer, and elk.

Lee Francis

The attack on Friday occurred less than a week after a grizzly bear mauled two Northwest College wrestlers in Wyoming.

On Oct. 15, Brady Lowry and Kendell Cummings were looking for deer and elk antlers in the Cody region when a bear charged them.

The animal first attacked Lowry, breaking his arm and causing other injuries.

Lee Francis

Cummings yelled at and kicked the bear and threw rocks at it before pulling on its ear to get it to stop. However, the bear turned its fury on Cummings, attacking him twice.

Cummings, from Evanston, spent several hours of surgery and ended up with approximately 60 staples in his head and hundreds of stitches to repair his injuries, according to his father in a social media post.