Last video of DJ Arafat before he was rushed to hospital after accident has laid hands on the last video of DJ Arafat which captures the very moment he was involved in the accident.

From the videos which have gone viral on social media, one can see him lying lifeless whiles a teeming crowd gathered around him.

He was said to be rushed to Abidjan Hospital in a critical condition where he breathed his last breath.

Watch the video below:

We have published photos of the motor-bike he was using before his accident.

And the lady whose car DJ Arafat crashed into has also been discovered.

You can also see here what celebrities such as Majid Michel, Adebayor and others are saying about his death.

A video emerged which also shows that thousands of fans have thronged the house of the late musician.

You can also watch CCTV Footage of the moment DJ Arafat’s motorbike hit the car.

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