Larry Storch Children: Did Larry Storch have kids?

Larry Storch Children

Larry Storch, who starred in the 1960s sitcom F Troop as the clumsy Corporal Randolph Agarn, has passed away.

Larry Storch Children

He was 99.

Lawrence Samuel Storch, January 8, 1923, was an American actor and comedian best known for his comic television roles, including voice-over work for cartoon shows such as Mr. Whoopee on Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales, and his live-action role of the bumbling Corporal Randolph Agarn on F Troop.

Storch was born in New York City to Alfred Storch, a realtor, and his wife, Sally Kupperman Storch, a telephone operator. His parents were observant Jews.

He attended DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx with Don Adams, who remained his lifelong friend. Due to hard times in the Great Depression, Storch said he never graduated from high school, instead finding work as a comic for $12 a week opening for bandleader Al Donahue at the band shell in Sheepshead Bay

Did Larry Storch have kids?

Larry Storch had three children, a son, Lary May, a stepson, Candace Herman, and a son.

He had three children: a stepson, Lary May; a daughter, Candace Herman, the result of a brief encounter with his future wife, born in 1947 and given up for adoption (and later reunited); and a stepdaughter, June Cross, born in 1954 to Norma and Jimmy Cross (“Stump” of the song-and-dance team Stump and Stumpy).