Landslide rips through Italian holiday island Ischia leaving dozens cut off

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Landslide rips through Italian holiday island Ischia leaving dozens cut off

On the island, which is located about 20 miles off the coast of Naples, intense downpours wrecked at least 10 houses.

Authorities claim that landslides on the Italian holiday island of Ischia have destroyed buildings and cut off residents.

Many people were still unaccounted for, and it was unclear whether any people had passed away.

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, a woman’s body has been found.

Contradicting a prior claim made by deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini that eight deaths had been confirmed, interior minister Matteo Piantedosi indicated earlier that there had been no confirmed deaths.

According to Mr. Piantedosi, some residents may be buried beneath the mud, and 200 people had to be evacuated from buildings that were in danger of collapsing.

Several landslides occurred in Casamicciola Terme, a town about 20 miles (32 km) off the coast of Naples, as a result of heavy rainstorms and flooding.

According to ANSA, ten structures on the island were demolished, leaving dozens of people trapped.

According to resident Lisa Mocciaro, there had been heavy rain since “around midnight.”


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“We first heard roars at 3 am. The first avalanche occurred, followed by another five, “She spoke.


A man was seen in a video hanging to a window’s exterior that was covered in mud from the avalanche.

Before they could help him, rescuers advised him to keep his feet on the ground when they found him on Saturday morning.

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The fire brigade reported that the severe weather made it difficult for motorboats and rescue helicopters to reach the island.

During the catastrophe, vehicles were pulled into the sea all around the island.

Videos also show blocked off and littered roadways.