Lance Reddick parents: Meet Solomon Reddick, Dorothy Gee

Lance Reddick parents

American actor and musician Lance Reddick is from Baltimore, Maryland. His parents are the late Solomon Reddick(father) and Dorothy Gee Reddick(mother).

In many video game characters, like Martin Hatch in Quantum Break and Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn, he uses his voice and appearance to represent them.After trying out for the parts of Bubbles and Bunk Moreland in the HBO series The Wire, Reddick was cast as Cedric Daniels.

Lance Reddick parents

In 2008, he became a cast member of the ABC blockbuster show Lost, where he appeared in several episodes as Charles Widmore’s employee Matthew Abaddon.
He was the third of five Oz actors to appear in the drama. Oz is a smash hit on HBO.

The passing away of Solomon Reddick and Dorothy Gee Reddick was a thorn that developed in the hearts of Lance Reddick and all other Reddick family members.

On November 29, 2010, Lance and his father, Solomon Reddick, lost their mom and wife, Dorothy Gee Reddick. Solomon Lance became the shield for Lance as a father and a mother to fill the void she left in their lives.

In Baltimore, Maryland, where they resided, it wasn’t so long ago on the day of February 17, 2012, that Solomon Reddick also died.

Who is Solomon Reddick?

Solomon Reddick was born in Warsaw, Duplin, North Carolina, USA on 3 November 1923 to Emma Smith. Solomon Reddick passed away on 17 Feb 2012 where he left a son Lance Reddick which he bore with Dorothy Gee Reddick.

Solomon Reddick was an American lawyer who had his bachelor’s degree at the Morgan State University located in Maryland. After graduation, he served his country, the United State of America as a proud lawyer.

Who is Dorothy Gee?

On November 29, 2010, Dorothy Gee Reddick , beloved wife of Solomon Reddick and devoted mother of Lance Reddick, passed away in a heartbreaking way. She was born and raised in Texas and later moved to Baltimore, where she met Solomon Reddick. She had a son, Lance Reddick, who is now a famous actor and a musician.

She lived with her parents, Major Gee(father) and Lucy Gee(mother) as well as her four siblings before moving to Baltimore, Maryland.