Lady Begs Man She Turned Down 1 Year Ago, He Embarrasses Her on WhatsApp as Chats Leak

A lady named Liz has been left embarrassed after she summoned the courage to message a man she turned down.

In a released WhatsApp conversation, she told Fred that she was not happy and liked him but wanted him to try harder.

Lady Begs
Lady Begs

According to Liz, she did not accept his request on the first trial because she wanted to be chased to see the extent of his love for her.

She slammed him for giving up so quickly and expressed her desire to see them begin dating. The man, however, stopped her politely in her tracks, saying he was already in a relationship with her friend Kate.

He said he asked her out on the first attempt, and she consented. Liz felt bad.

Read Chat below;

Here are some of the comments from social media users:

Osinachii said:

“I need this guy’s autograph on my forehead.”

Øffïxïâł Âłëxîś said:

“The three trial thingy really got me… Try harder, are you trying to push a wheelbarrow??”

Ade Ogo said:

“Person wey pass test con still jam her breakfast.

Addo Irene said:

“What do some women want. How do you move from playing hard to get to now liking someone now.

Rick Rogers said:

“Of all the things that never happened, this never happened the most.”

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