Kyle Gordy: Man who has father 47 kids through Sperm Donor says Women won’t Date Him

Kyle Gordy

Kyle Gordy, a sperm donor with 47 biological children and counting, can’t seem to find a partner… he claims that women aren’t interested in dating him.

Kyle Gordy Sperm Donor

The 30-year-old believes his success as an independent sperm donor is to blame for his dating difficulties, telling Jam Press that most women aren’t interested in meeting him, and those who do wind up giving him a chance quickly depart.

Kyle isn’t afraid of suitors; the trouble is that ladies are only interested in his sperm… and not in a romantic sense.

Kyle Gordy Sperm Donor

He thinks that 1,000 would-be moms have contacted him for sperm — he’s been giving since he was 22 and now does it for free via social media — and that he’s fathered 47 children around the world, with another ten on the way.

Kyle claims that a lot of women message him on Instagram looking for his swimmers… and that it’s making it harder for him to make genuine connections. He is resigned to the reality that his dating life will never be the same as it was before he started giving.

The man is presently on a “sperm donation tour” throughout the world, having recently visited Germany and Scotland, so there’s a chance he’ll meet someone special.

Kyle is ready to settle down and establish a family, but he acknowledges it will take a special girl to accept him for who he is, saying that he generally fess up about his lifestyle right away.

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