Kwesi Arthur shoots down the advice by Dad to cut his Rastafarian hairstyle (+ Video)

Kwesi Arthur for sometime now has been spotted wearing dreadlocks. To many, the dreadlocks looks very good on him, and he should keep it, but Kwesi Arthur’s dad is pissed off.

According to his dad, his dreadlocks doesn’t go with their Pentecost Church principle, but in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, Kwesi Arthur says, he will indeed cut the hair but now now.

“I just love this dreadlocks, i look good in it. Yes, my dad has asked me over and over again to cut it . Very tough decision for me, but i will definitely cut it but not now”

Kwesi Arthur says he’s very hopeful of winning an award come this Saturday at the VGMAs.

Watch interview below:

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