Kimon Bisogno: Details of how a Mother was Attacked by Shark to her death On the beach Yards

Who is Kimon Bisogno?

The mother, who was on vacation with her family in South Africa when she was viciously attacked to death by a great white shark, has been identified.

Restaurant owner Kimon Bisogno, 39, and her boyfriend Diego Milesi, 40, spent the Bank Holiday weekend at a Plettenberg Bay beach instead of at the pizza place they owned and operated in Cape Town.

The couple traveled 300 miles from their home with their five-year-old daughter Luna to the exclusive Beacon Isle hotel complex for three days of relaxation.

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Kimon entered the ocean for a morning swim just before 8 a.m. yesterday, and it is believed that she was only waist deep when the great white attacked her family from a few yards away through a wave.

A few times after being launched, an inshore vessel from the National Sea Rescue Institute arrived at the site and discovered Kimon’s bloody body drifting in the surf approximately 50 yards from the area of her attack.

The young mother was brutally attacked in an instant, and nothing could be done to stop it as the rescuers loaded her heavily mauled body onto a stretcher and headed back to base.

A postmortem will be performed by forensic pathologists, an inquiry will be convened, and her family has been provided trauma counseling.

When the arteries in a great white shark victim are severed by the shark’s razor-sharp teeth, the victim typically dies swiftly from blood loss.

“I don’t understand how the world could allow someone like you to die so young, but I do know that everyone you encountered was impacted by the love you showed them.

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“The world has lost a bright sparkling light and a pure spirit who left joy, laughter, sparkle, and love wherever you went,” the statement reads.

Kimon Bisogno

She added, “You were so sincere and had such a big heart.

Gabrielle Alberts, a different friend, said: “Such awful news. Your contagious, joyful laugh will live on in my memory forever. Kimon, you were too good for this world.

Kimon, a South African, met the love of her life, Diego, while on vacation in Ibiza 13 years ago. They later moved in together in Cape Town, where they had a daughter named Luna five years ago.

Both of them were dedicated to assisting others who were less fortunate in life, which is why they founded the well-known Fernando’s Pizza restaurant and takeout in Cape Town.

‘They worked extremely hard and very long hours, but both of them were completely removed from their social obligations to others,’ a close acquaintance of the couple claimed.

They founded the well-known Fernando’s Pizza eatery and takeout in Cape Town, but both were dedicated to assisting others who were less fortunate.

They put forth a lot of effort and logged long hours at work, but both of them neglected their social obligations to others, according to a close acquaintance of the couple.

Kimon, also known as Kiki to friends, was the third person to die there in 11 years at the hands of a great white shark.


Bruce Wolov, a stockbroker and married father who excelled at long distance swimming and snorkeling, was ripped to pieces just off the coast last June.

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And in 2011, while waiting to catch a wave, local carpenter and avid surfer Tim Van Heerden was on his board when a great white shark struck.

He had sustained terrible bite wounds to his groin and upper leg, which damaged an artery, despite a heroic friend grabbing him and dragging him to some rocks.


Until 2011, there had never been a death in Bitou Municipality, but now there have been three, with two occurring in the past three months, according to Mayor David Swart.

We are investigating the possibility of installing a shark barrier, enhancing the warning signage, and beginning the lifeguard season one month earlier than usual.

We have had three deadly attacks in such a short period of time, yet there doesn’t seem to have been any change in the shark’s behavior in this region.

Heritage Day was celebrated in South Africa during the weekend, which was a bank holiday. Many people took advantage of the sunny weather to travel and celebrate with their loved ones.

Bruce Wolov, a businessman and married father who excelled at long-distance swimming and snorkeling, was ripped apart just offshore last June.

The predator often preys on seals, sea lions, and dolphins and while attacking can swim at up to 35 mph while being directed by an incredibly potent sense of smell.


The damage caused by only one shark bite is sometimes deadly, yet they typically walk away after biting once when they realize humans are not their normal meal.

The yearly sardine run, an essential food supply, causes an upsurge in shark activity along the Garden Route from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town in the winter.

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Remember that sharks have always ruled the water, according to a South African shark specialist who wished to remain unnamed.

Because of swimming, paddleboarding, and surfing, there are an increasing number of people in the water nowadays, and sharks are constantly there.

But even while attacks on people are uncommon and frequently lethal, they are typically unintended since they are mistaken for prey.

“You have a 47 times greater probability of dying from lightning or an 11 times greater chance of dying from pyrotechnics than from a shark,” he added.


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