Kevin Durant’s private party celebrating NBA season kickoff

Kevin Durant’s private party celebrating NBA season kickoff

A star-studded private party was held by Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman to commemorate the success of their firm Boardroom and the Brooklyn Nets’ excellent start to the 2022–23 NBA season.

Serena Williams, Erin Foster, Polo G, and Sloane Stephens were just a few of the famous people that were there at Durant’s VIP party on Thursday night at the brand-new Italian restaurant Cucina Alba in Chelsea.

According to an insider speaking exclusively to Page Six, “People were dancing, drinking, and eating tiny portions.” The source also said that Durant, 34, was “happy and friendly” and maintained “a really mellow, cool demeanor” throughout the evening.

Everyone displayed their moves to the retro ’90s tracks spun by DJs Samantha Ronson and Jus Ske as the venue was filled, the source claims.

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Irving, 30, didn’t truly apologize until after his ban, posting on Instagram, in part, “I take full accountability and responsibility for my actions. … I sincerely apologize for causing any grief to any Jewish families or communities who have been impacted by my comments.

For his part, Durant supported Irving and said he believed the ban of his teammate was an overreaction.

“The folks who are affected by this scenario are in a sad predicament. It’s basically bad for everyone all the time. I’m hoping we can move on from it,” he remarked. “That’s just how the NBA is now…. We always hear people’s opinions about this scenario from everyone.

“However, once the balls begin to bounce and we begin practicing, none of them

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Durant clarified his remarks on Irving on Twitter after receiving criticism for them.

I don’t support hate speech or anti-Semitism, I’m always about promoting love, he declared. We want to put the fact that our game unites people first.

Page Six is able to confirm that Irving did not go to Durant’s Thursday sporting event.