Kenneth Starr cause of death

Kenneth Winston Starr is an American lawyer who served as a United States circuit judge and 39th solicitor general of the United States.

Kenneth Starr Parents

He is best known for heading an investigation of members of the Clinton administration, known as the Whitewater controversy, from 1994 to 1998

Kenneth Starr Parents: Meet William Starr, Vannie Starr

Kenneth Star was born to Willie Starr (father) and Vannie Starr (mother) on July 21, 1946.

Starr was born in Vernon, Texas, on July 21, 1946, to Willie and Vannie Starr.

His father was a minister for the Church of Christ in Thalia, Texas; he also barbered and sold milk from the family cow.

The children had a strict upbringing commensurate with their father’s calling.

When Starr was young, the family moved to San Antonio, where he was elected class president of Sam Houston High during his junior and senior years.

He first became interested in the political process during the 1960 presidential campaign between john f. kennedy and richard m. nixon.