Kay Mellor’s Husband: Who is Anthony Mellor?

Kay and Anothony Mellor

Kay Mellor’s Husband: Who is Anthony Mellor?

She was recognized for co-creating the British children’s drama Children’s Ward (1989–2000) for CITV, as well as the ITV British drama Fat Friends (2000–05).

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Kay Daniel was born in Leeds, England, to a Jewish mother and a Catholic father.

Kay has two younger brothers, Philip and Robert (older). In the early 2010s, Robert passed away. Due to marital violence, Mellor’s mother Dinah divorced her father. When Mellor was two years old, she kicked him out and raised her children as a single mom.

A spokesman for her TV production company, Rollem Productions, confirmed “with profound sadness” that she died on Sunday.

Before Kay Mellor’s sudden demise, she was married to the love of her life, Anthony Mellor.

Who is Anthony Mellor?

Anthony Mellor is a successful British businessman. They tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in 1968 and they’ve been together since.

Anthony Mellor is quite a private man, even though, his wife, Kay Mellor was the star actress of her time.

Kay Mellor's Husband: Who is Anthony Mellor

Anthony Mellor was a loving and supporting husband, who helps his wife with all her needs until her sudden demise.

According to sources, Kay Mellor got pregnant at the age of 16 and married the father of her child, Anthony Mellor at the age of 17.

They spent happy times together, and rumors of their breakup were never present.

The couple had attended a few public occasions, but they liked to keep their private lives private. As a result, we know virtually little about Anthony.

Does Anthony Mellor have kids with Kay Mellor?

Out of their 54 years of marriage, Anthony Mellor and his wife, Kay Mellor had two daughters.

Kay Mellor and Daughters
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Mellor and her husband Anthony were married in 1968 and have two daughters, actress Gaynor Faye, and television producer Yvonne Francis.