Kankamol Albon: Who is Alex Albon’s Mother? Bio, Age, Nationality, Husband, Kids

alex albon mother

Alexander Albon Ansusinha is a Thai-British racing driver currently competing in Formula One for Williams Racing.

Albon previously raced in Formula One for Scuderia Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing and in DTM for AF Corse.

Kankamol Albon

Kankamol Albon: Who is Alex Albon’s Mother?

Kankamol Albon is the mother of hai-British racing driver, Alex Albon.

Her son Albon started competitively racing karts in 2005 at the age of 8, competing locally and winning his local Hoddesdon Championship.

Kankamol Albon

How old is Kankamol Albon?

Kankamol Albon’s age is currently unknown, however, she is believed to be in her late 60s per her pictures seen.

What is Kankamol Albon’s Nationality?

Kankamol Albon is from Thailand.

Who is Kankamol Albon’s husband?

Kankamol Albon is married to Nigel Albon.

Who are Kankamol Albon’s Children

Kankamol Albon is a mother of four children, Alex Albon, Luca Albon, Chloe Albon, Zoe Albon, and Alicia Albon.