Kamil Ranoszek: Jealous boyfriend who bludgeoned his girlfriend, 27, to death with a hammer, jailed for life

Ilona Golabek’s body parts were discovered dumped in a park in Boston in February.

According to the evidence presented at Lincoln Crown Court, Kamil Ranoszek murdered her after discovering she had contacted other men.

Ranoszek, 42, of Wormgate in Boston, was convicted of murder and sentenced to at least 22 years in jail.

During the trial, Gordon Aspden KC, for the prosecution, stated that the defendant was aware Ms. Golabek was contacting other men via the dating app Tinder and, in a jealous rage, repeatedly beat her in the head with a weapon, most likely a hammer, after returning to the Wormgate flat he shared with her on 9 November last year.

Kamil Ranoszek

“You were so angry that you killed her,” Mr Aspden said.

The prosecutor further said Ranoszek, a poultry factory worker, used his butchery skills to take portions of her body before riding to Witham Way Country Park in the early hours of November 11 to dispose of them.

Ms. Golabek’s bones were discovered three months after the murder, and the jury was told that the sole evidence against Ranoszek was circumstantial, with another of Ilona’s ex-boyfriends being questioned.

Ranoszek stated he had been at a friend’s birthday party and returned home to find Ilona sat on the sofa holding her phone.

He said he was tired and went to bed, and claimed Ilona had vanished without her passport, driving licence, and money when he got up for work about three hours later.

However, after deliberating for three days, a jury found Ranoszek guilty of her murder.

Kamil Ranoszek

Passing a life sentence, with a minimum term of 22 years, Judge Simon Hirst told Ranoszek: “You, while your three-year-old daughter was asleep, picked up a hammer and hit her at least seven times to the head.

“You then took steps to cover up your tracks.

“You used a knife or similar implement to disarticulate her body into at least 15 pieces.

“I say at least 15 pieces as her torso is still missing.”

In a statement, Ilona’s mother, Ewa, described her daughter as having a “heart of gold”, and said she could not face up to hearing all the evidence in court.

She said she would take her daughter’s ashes back to Poland, while her heart would remain in England, “the country she loved”.

“My daughter is in my thoughts every day and every hour,” she added.