Justine Bateman Husband: Who is Mark Fluent?

Justine Bateman, 55, is a writer, director, and producer from the United States. Jason Bateman, the Hollywood actor, is her older sister.

Who is Mark Fluent?

Mark Fluent is a Managing Director and Head of Western US Real Estate for Deutsche Bank.
Justine Bateman Husband

Mark Fluent: Net worth

Mark Fluent’s actual net worth is unclear, although it is thought to be in the millions of dollars.

A Managing Director’s average compensation at Deutsche Bank is projected to be £252,763, or over $350,000.

According to Mark Fluent’s LinkedIn page, he has worked at Deutsche Bank for over 11 years.

Mark Fluent and Justine Bateman: Children

Mark and Justine are the parents of two children.

Duke Kenneth Fluent is their son, while Gianetta “Gia” Fluent is their daughter.

Justine Bateman’s Instagram frequently features Gia. The family is frequently seen together at events, such as the opening night of the Art Los Angeles Contemporary in 2014.