Just Stop Oil activists halt M25 protests after days of widespread disruption

Just Stop Oil activists halt M25 protests after days of widespread disruption

After causing days of significant disruption on the M25, the main highway encircling London, Just Stop Oil has announced that it is ceasing its protests there.

In several locations, its supporters have been scaling overhead gantries, forcing the police to close off certain stretches of road so that activists could be removed safely.

Just Stop Oil announced this morning that its campaign of civil resistance on the M25 will end as of this day.

Oil activists

“We are allowing those in government who are aware of reality time to reflect on their duties to this nation at this time.

“We request that the prime minister take into account his remarks from COP27, in which he discussed the catastrophic threat posed by the effects of global warming, the 33 million people forced from their homes in Pakistan due to flooding, and the moral and practical necessity of keeping our commitments.

“You owe it to the British people to take action rather than just repeating words and promises.

“We ask you to remember everyone who served and loved their nation on this Remembrance Day. Stop the production of additional oil and gas in order to ensure a future that can support human habitation.”

If their demands are not met, the group did not say whether protesters on the M25 would resume their actions.

As the most recent COP27 international climate change summit got underway in Egypt on Monday, the protests started.

Despite the Metropolitan Police “proactively” detaining activists accused of organizing the action, dozens of activists participated in the protests.

The behavior was “criminality,” not protest, according to Matt Twist, the assistant commissioner of the Met.

He claimed that the entire M25 was the target of a “very big and coordinated operation” to cause widespread disruption.

During the course of the four-day campaign, Essex Police made a number of arrests along a section of the M25.

Its chief constable, BJ Harrington, told Sky News that the group’s actions were “illegal” and “dangerous,” cautioning that protesters were not only endangering their own lives but also those of drivers and police officers.