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Josephine Melville Cause of death

Josephine Melville, a popular actress from the United States of America, has been confirmed dead.

Josephine Melville died on October 20th,2022 backstage at Nottingham Playhouse after performing in a play.

Josephine Melville was notable for the roles she played in movies like EastEnders. She was Tess Parker in the 1980s movie.


On backstage, where she suddenly died, Josephine Melville was playing the role of Auntie Maggie in a Night Nine.

Tributes flood social media mourning the sudden death of Josephine Melville.

“We are deeply saddened to announce that last night the actor, Josephine Melville, passed away backstage at Nottingham Playhouse following the performance of the play Nine Night, in which she was performing.

“Josephine’s family have been informed, and our thoughts and deep condolences are with them.

“Josephine received immediate assistance from Nottingham Playhouse first-aiders and a medically qualified member of the Nine Night audience.


“Josephine was a truly wonderful and well-loved person, a revered and deeply respected performer, director, producer, archivist, and writer, and a tremendous Auntie Maggie in Nine Night.

“We are offering our full support to her family, our onstage and production crew, and all staff at this awful time.” this is a start from a Spokesperson.

Who was Josephine Melville’s Husband?

Is Josephine Melvill married?

Although Josephine Melville was married, we presently don’t know anything about her spouse.

Does Josephine Melville have Kids?

What are the names of Josephine Melville’s daughters and sons?

There is no information about any children that Josephine Melville could have had.

How old was Josephine Melville?

What age is Josephine Melville?

Josephine Melville is in his 50s.

Josephine Melville Cause of death

Who are Josephine Melville Parents?

What is the name of Josephine Melville’s mother and father?

Josephine Melville has parents, but their information was not public.

What is Josephine Melville cause of death?

What happened to Josephine Melville’s death?

She passed away backstage while performing. On October 20, 2022, she passed away.