Jonathan Hall: Details of how a ‘Thug’ husband Broke New Wife’s Back and refused to take her to Hospital

Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall and Wife

A thug husband identified as John Hall has broke his new wife’s back in an attack just weeks after their wedding before refusing to take her to hospital.

Amanda Lomax was on the ground, helpless, and Jonathan Hall repeatedly kicked her.

Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall and Wife

It occurred a few weeks after the couple’s wedding, and Amanda thought she may pass away.

She boldly called the police after two more assaults, and Hall was sentenced to 27 months in prison.

The 51-year-old mum-of-two said: “I had put up with years and years of abuse and I was completely brainwashed.

“I actually believed the attacks were my fault. Less than a month after we got married, he attacked me and broke my back.

“Strangely, it was only when my Mum fractured her wrist that the turning point came. I helped her out, driving her around.

“I realised this was the sort of normal life I didn’t have. I knew then that I had to put a stop to the violence.

“I just hope that my story will reach other women; it’s so important to walk away before it’s too late.”

Amanda met Hall, 45, a joiner, six years ago and they began dating and in months, he had moved into her home in Warrington.

She said: “I had been living in Spain, I had a good job there in sales, but came back to the UK with ill-health. It was a difficult time for me, my confidence was low, and Jonathan really cheered me up.

“He had his own problems, but he seemed kind and caring. We were friends at first and then it got more serious.”

But within six months of their marriage, Hall become violent.

Some of the injuries Amanda Lomax suffered during her time with violent Jonathan Hall
Some of the injuries Amanda Lomax suffered during her time in a relationship with violent Jonathan Hall

Amanda said: “He pushed me, and I fell and cut my head on the step. He said it was a complete accident and he had a way of talking that actually made me believe him.

“Another time, my hairdresser told me that he had a violent past, but Jonathan talked his way out of that too. He was very persuasive. He had an answer for everything.”

However, Hall assaulted Amanda in July 2017, on their first holiday together to celebrate her 46th birthday, leaving her face so swollen that she was unable to open her eyes.

Another time, he dragged her arm till it broke behind her back. Despite having surgery, she still has permanent elbow injury.

When he was inebriated, she claimed, he would become enraged if I spoke back to him. Anyone who disagreed with him did not enjoy it, especially if he was intoxicated.

Because he insisted that I had responded to him, “He made me feel like it was my fault every time.”

Amanda feared she would die as she lay defenceless on the floor

Amanda said: “I really thought our wedding was a new start. We had a lovely day, but my family boycotted the ceremony because they hated him.”

The following month, Hall again attacked Amanda, kicking her to the floor and refusing to stop despite her pleas.

He would not let her go to hospital and it was only the following day, when she went to A&E in agony, that she discovered her back was broken and she had fractured five ribs.

Nine days were spent in hospital on morphine and afterwards she wore a back brace for months. She now has lasting damage to her back.

She says: “I told the doctors I had fallen downstairs because I was so ashamed. Again, I thought it was my fault.