John Stearns Children

John Hardin Stearns was an American professional baseball catcher and coach who played in Major League Baseball for the New York Mets from 1975 to 1984 after playing a single game for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1974.

Stearns was a two-sport star in college, and he entered professional baseball after being selected in both the MLB and National Football League drafts.

He was a four-time MLB All-Star but struggled with injuries in the latter portion of his career.

John Stearns Parents

John Stearns Parents: Who are John Stearns parents?

Who are John Stearns’s mother and father? Where are John Stearns parents now?

John Stearns was born on August 21, 1951, in Denver, Colorado, United States.

His older brother, Bill, was a late-round draft pick in 1971 and played in the New York Yankees organization, also as a catcher, but never reached the majors.

John Stearns Parents

Currently, there is no information about John Stearns parents.