John Rensenbrink wife

John C. Rensenbrink was an American political scientist, philosopher, journalist, conservationist, and political activist.

He has initiated and helped found many organizations, the most prominent of which are the Maine Green Party (1984).

The Green Party of the United States (1984-87) for both of which he was a principal founder; and CREA (the Cathance River Education Alliance) 2000 to the present, a hands-on ecological education project for local schools, schoolchildren, and high school students in mid-coast Maine.

John Rensenbrick was married to Carla Washburne Resenbrink.

John Rensenbrink wife

John Rensenbrink wife: Who is Carla Washburne Resenbrink?

Carla Washburne Resenbrink is the wife John Rensenbrink. Rensenbrink met Carla Washburne in her father’s College Bookstore in Williamstown.

Carla was a rising Junior at Radcliffe College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They married in June 1959, shortly after Carla’s graduation.

They moved to Maine in 1961. Rensenbrink taught political philosophy and history at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine for one year before taking a job in 1962 for three years as Education Advisor to the governments of Kenya and Tanzania, sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

John Rensenbrink wife

He and Carla and their daughters Kathryn and Margaret, (born in Dar es Salaam), aged three and one respectively, returned to Bowdoin College in 1965.

Rensenbrink was promoted to the tenured position of associate professor in 1968 and to full professor in 1974. The Rensenbrinks’ third child, Elizabeth, was born in January 1968.

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