John Hamblin Third Wife: Who is Jenny Hamblin?

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John Hamblin, known by his character names Funny John, or Naughty John, was an English-born Australian children’s television presenter and actor of stage and screen who appeared in numerous soap operas and made-for-TV films.


He was best known for his 29-year stint presenting children’s program Play School from 1970 to 1999 and the drama, The Restless Years.

Hamblin was born in 1935 and grew up in Suffolk, England.

When Hamblin’s mother moved in with the local baker, his father moved the rest of the family to Norfolk.

He lost contact with his mother at that point.

Hamblin’s father had flown with the Royal Flying Corps during World War I and Hamblin himself joined the Air Force and did his national service in Cyprus in the late 1950s before returning to England.

Initially, Hamblin trained at art school but decided on a career in acting instead and studied drama to become an actor.

Hamblin started his acting career in his native country England, in repertory theatre with the Theatre Royal, Windsor before an appearance in the cult TV series The Prisoner – the episode ‘A Change of Mind’.

John Hamblin Third Wife: Who is Wendy Hamblin?

Jenny Hamblin was the second wife of John Hamblin.

John Hamblin had three wives, however, his first wife is not known, he married Wendy after divorcing his first wife.

After Play School, he retired and moved to Tasmania with his third wife Jenny.

John Hamblin Third Wife

In 2003, Hamblin suffered a heart attack


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