John Hamblin Children

John Hamblin known by his character names Funny John, or Naughty John, was an English-born Australian children’s television presenter and actor on stage and screen who appeared in theatre productions, soap operas, and made-for-TV films.

He presented for 29 years the Australian children’s programme Play School from 1970 to 1999 and also appeared in the drama, The Restless Years.

Initially, Hamblin trained at art school but decided on a career in acting instead and studied drama to become an actor.

John Hamblin Children: Meet Emma and Myles Hamblin

How many sons does John Hamblin have? What are the names of John Hamblin’s daughters?

John Hamblin Children

Hamblin moved to Australia with his second wife, Wendy in the 1960s. After Play School, he retired and moved to Tasmania with his third wife Jenny.

John Hamblin, an English-born Australian children’s television host and stage and film performer, is the father of Emma and Myles Hamblin.

The identities of Hamblin’s children are presently unknown.

John Hamblin, Emma and Myles’ father, is being mourned. At the age of 87, he passed away on September 21 at a hospital in Sydney, Australia.

Despite appearing in several movies, he will be remembered most for hosting the successful children’s show Play School in Australia for nearly 30 years.

During his tenure with the ensemble, he participated in more than 350 episodes before taking over as host.

He stopped hosting the program in 1999, but he made a one-time appearance as a special guest as part of the 50th-anniversary celebration of the program in 2016.