John Farnham Siblings: Meet Steven, Jean and Jaquiline Farnham

Written by: Amos Osrah

John Farnham is an Australian singer and songwriter who has had a long and successful career in the music industry.

He was born on July 1, 1949, in Dagenham, Essex, England, and moved to Australia with his family when he was a child.

Farnham began his music career in the mid-1960s as a member of the band The Little River Band, but it wasn’t until the late 1980s that he achieved major commercial success as a solo artist.

His 1986 album “Whispering Jack” became the highest-selling album in Australian history at the time, with hits such as “You’re the Voice,” “Pressure Down,” and “A Touch of Paradise.”

Throughout his career, Farnham has won numerous awards, including multiple ARIA Awards, the Order of Australia, and induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

He has released over 20 studio albums and has sold more than 10 million records worldwide.

Farnham is known for his powerful vocals and his ability to connect with audiences through his music.

He has been described as a “national treasure” in Australia and has remained a beloved figure in the country’s music scene for decades.

John Farnham has been married to his wife Jillian Billman since 1973. They have been together for more than five decades, and their marriage is considered one of the longest-lasting in the Australian entertainment industry.

John Farnham Siblings

John Farnham Siblings: Meet Steven, Jean and Jaquiline Farnham

John Farnham has two sisters named, Jean and Jacqueline, and a younger brother, Steven. Both of John’s sisters are also involved in the entertainment industry in Australia.

John Peter Farnham was born in Dagenham, England to John Peter Farnham Sr., and Rose (née Pemberton) Farnham.

John was a former British serviceman who had served in the Royal Engineers during World War II.

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